Cross Dressing Service

The Ultimate Sanctuary for all crossdressers, transgenders, Transvestites and T-Girls wanting to book a makeup and wardrobe transformation.

Welcome to my crossdressing service,  where you’ll receive the ultimate makeup and wardrobe transformation to bring out the feminine you.


I always keep up to date with the latest fashion and makeup techniques to achieve your overall desired look, which would unquestionably make you feel confident and 100% feminine.


I only know too well that some crossdressers want to remain private, and for many, crossdressing remains one of the last taboos in society and the possible exposure to work colleagues, family and friends can be too much of a risk. Please don’t feel anxious about approaching me about your concerns. Whether you’re someone that only dresses up occasionally, that is not a problem, please know that keeping your crossdressing a secret is a big deal and just to reassure you, I am renowned for my discreteness.


Your Experience

Your crossdressing experience will begin with the ultimate makeup and wardrobe transformation and will be based in the vibrant part of Shoreditch. While I have extensive knowledge to transform and bring out the feminine you, your crossdressing service would be quite elusive and discreet, and your experience would also be utterly indulgent from the time you arrive in my beautiful, airy and cosy abode where an extensive wardrobe, makeup and photography awaits the beautiful you! If you would like any help or advice before booking, please feel free to contact me for a friendly and informal chat.


I would also help you create the perfect body shape and teach you how to pose for your photos or an outing to a crossdresing friendly event. You will be sure to leave with some awesome pictures of the new transformed you, whilst creating fun memories in the process!


All accessories are fabulously stocked, including top of the range makeup, wigs, and a vast wardrobe of clothing, shoes, and other essential accessories.


For several years, I have worked with some of the best fashion and makeup artists in the business, so I have an extensive insight on how to achieve the feminine you that you utterly crave for and can be very excited about.


I work to create a unique look that brings out your beauty and heightens your personality, and with every step of the way, you’ll also enjoy a process which is exciting and fun.


Lots of my girls love to get ready for a special outing or event, so if this sounds like something you have a fantasy about, just say the word, and we can arrange that too. Whether it’s a lady’s lunch by the Thames or a relaxed coffee and cake locally or even if you want to dress to impress for a girl’s night out, I can work my magic that suits your crossdressing makeover requirements.

Ready to be the women you you've always wanted to be?